Family Chiropractic

If you or your loved ones are living in pain or suffering from health issues, it’s time to make a change. Dr. Jolene Laughlin at The Homeplace Chiropractic in Greeley, CO, shares how a family chiropractor can help in the guide below.

Family Chiropractors Treat All Ages

Every age and stage in life comes with different challenges and different risks. Infants and little ones often suffer from misalignment or other musculoskeletal injuries when traveling through the birth canal, learning to walk, or playing. School-aged children and teens often carry heavy backpacks, slouch at their desks at school, and spend hours each day leaning over a device. Many of them play sports as well.

Working adults and stay-at-home parents face potential injuries each day from job duties, caring for children, and handling household chores. Aging adults face additional challenges, such as worn spinal discs and arthritic joint pain. Fortunately, family chiropractic care is available to address the needs of every family member, from infants to seniors.

They Offer Customized Care for a Variety of Needs

Family chiropractors provide care for all sorts of musculoskeletal issues you and your loved ones face. Examples include headaches and migraines, joint pain, neck pain, back pain, degenerative disc disease, and posture issues. However, it’s not just about relieving pain.

Visiting a chiropractor regularly can prevent pain from occurring. Additionally, as adjustments relieve pressure on the nerves, regular visits can ensure optimal nerve function. Because your nerves are responsible for organ function, hormonal regulation, and more, this can allow you and your family to enjoy better overall health and wellness.

And a Variety of Treatment Techniques

As every treatment plan is customized to the individual and the services offered depend on the family chiropractor, the exact techniques used may vary. At The Homeplace Chiropractic in Greeley, CO, Dr. Laughlin offers techniques such as:

  • Gentle, low-force adjustments
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Electrical stimulation for muscles and nerves
  • DNA-based nutritional and wellness counseling
  • Postural correction
  • Low-intensity red light and near-infrared therapy
  • Therapeutic exercises

After assessing your unique needs, she’ll determine the best combination of treatment techniques to ensure optimal healing and comfort.

Take an active role in health, wellness, and pain prevention for yourself and your loved ones by visiting our family chiropractor in Greeley, CO. Call (970) 673-8486 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Laughlin at The Homeplace Chiropractic today. 

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